Energy is Medicine, our physical bodies are composed of multiple layers of energy. When our bodies become in a state of dis-harmony, or dis-ease, it is because we have had a loss of our physical, personal energy from our own energy field.
When this happens we must replenish the energy that has been lost, due to stress, giving our energy away, or energy being taken by another. Reiki replaces this energy lost, and is a highly recommended, time tested powerful healing practice. Good for any and everyone.

Bio-Chromatic Integrator

Our Bio-Chromatic Integrator is one of twenty-two in the world. It was developed by Tommie Mercer exclusively for 'Ohana Health using sands, and minerals from around the world. It is sewn in geometric patterns creating bio-circuitry developed through his understanding of hyper-science (the use of vibrational tools for auric, energy healing). This tool has been designed and created to be of maximum effectiveness for Paradise. Tommie is a professional energy dowser, master goldsmith, and natural clairesentient. Tommie combined the research of dozens of past energy masters, and, with intuitive guidance, has created the Integration Pads and Regeneration Pads, to enhance the individual quality of life and consciousness of humanity and the planet. -Treatments last approx. 30 minutes