R. Keith "Jabali" Quarles

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I provide access to advanced technology incorporating a multitude of modalities that enhance consciousness and support sustained well-being.

Heterogeneously trained in alternative healing modalities with a additional broad spectrum of technical interests including astronomy, geology, archaeology, alternative history, cognitive computing, the evolution of consciousness and the nature of spirit.

Persistently optimistic and mindful of new ideas, always and awakening others, my highest prize.

A teacher from the heart, Father, Husband and lover of life.

Certified Reiki Practitioner and expert facilitator of the following technologies:

  • ZeroPoint Natural Healing System
  • Quantumwave Scalar Laser technology
  • Zeropoint Research Lifestream M100 technology and protocol

I greatfully support the community by providing access to advanced technology incorporating a multitude of modalities layered upon each other for the purpose of achieving the highest potential possible to initiate a homeostasis response by ones own inherent calibration methods while being subjected to such technology.

The process is extremely efficient, leaving a deep resonance which sustains the calibration process prohibiting returning symptoms.

Jabali can be reached at jabaliquarles@gmail.com or by phone (707) 812-0996