Lynn Larsen - Bio

Yoga Instructor, Homeopathic Consultant

Lynn found yoga after being diagnosed with a life threatening lung disease and heart failure in 1995.  Not expected to survive to lung transplantation, Lynn turned to alternative medicine and yoga for the emotional, mental, and spiritual balance she needed to face her own end of life.  The pulmonary research team at UC San Diego offered her a grant to be the only recipient of an investigational drug but the prognosis was still only weeks of survival.  Defying the odds, her constitution and resolve strong, Lynn attended her first yoga class in 1999 aided by a 13 pound inhalation system.  In 2009 she entered an Advanced Studies and Teacher Training program in Phoenix Arizona, still struggling to breathe but wanting to deepen her knowledge of yogic philosophy.  Under Yoga Master and Scholar Yogacharya Eric Walrabenstein, Lynn studied philosophy, asana, and deeper meditation practices but her love was pranayama, or yogic breath work.  

Her inspiration to teach was only realized after moving to Paradise in 2012 and practicing at the Paradise Yoga Center.  She is now a certified Yoga Instructor through the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level (RYT 500) and shares her passion for yoga with students and friends in both group classes and private instruction.  She teaches with compassion and enthusiasm, patiently encouraging students to explore their bodies and lives both on and off the mat.  Focus on breath and alignment are a part of all her gentle, restorative, beginning, mixed level and more advanced classes.  She holds Doga workshops for those who wish to practice with their dogs, as her partner and companion is a Doberman named Sedona.  She shares her personal transformation of breath, mind, and body as her life’s greatest, most fulfilling adventure.

Lynn’s training was in the Iyengar tradition but she incorporates different styles as her own training continues and her personal practice evolves.  She attends regular workshops and learns daily from her students as well as her studies and continuing education.  Her classes incorporate moving meditation, strength, grace, flexibility and balance.  She believes that yoga affects every aspect of life; that the continued practice of yoga leads to more self-awareness, self- acceptance and a happier healthier life. 

Prior to 1995 Lynn’s career was in Radiologic Technology.  After 25 years as an X-ray Technologist she became the Director of Radiology in a hospital in San Diego.  In 1997 breast cancer would give her another opportunity to experience the profound healing of Homeopathic Medicine and while still undergoing chemotherapy she enrolled in the American Medical College of Homeopathy.   She graduated at the top of her class in January of 1999.

"I bow with gratitude to my teachers and mentors who guided me to the realization that while the body may be limited, many of the limitations we create are only in the mind.  Yoga has transformed my life.  I thank my current teachers and students for allowing me to offer what I authentically am today.”  Namaste, Lynn